Weds June 1st, 6pm & 8:30pm

The Four Freshman

Dinner and a Show Tickets: $100

“Universally hailed as pioneers of the jazz-infused close harmony sound, the Four Freshmen have few rivals in the vocal group harmony field.” Goldmine

Singing with a harmony uniquely their own, The Four Freshmen have enamored listeners world-wide for years, while gaining recognition as one of the most influential vocal groups of all time. Their tight-knit sound inspired The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, The Mamas & The Papas, Frankie Valli and the Manhattan Transfer. It all started in 1948, when four college freshmen crafted a unique style of vocal harmony that soon caught the ear of the great bandleader Stan Kenton. Kenton was responsible for bringing the Freshmen to Capitol Records, where they would eventually record 23 albums, thrusting them into the national spotlight.

The Freshmen have recorded over 75 albums, 70 top selling singles, and received 6 Grammy Nominations. The four have toured constantly since their inception, continuing to perform to sold out audiences around the globe. The integrity of thesound created by the original guys has been meticulously maintained. While paying tribute to such classic Freshmen favorites as “Day By Day” and “Blue World,” the current group also continues to bring new arrangements to their live shows and recordings. In concert The Freshmen shine on brand new arrangements of “Come Fly with Me” and “I Ain’t Got Nobody ”. Within their show you will also hear the body swaying “Summer Samba”. One can’t forget the toe tapping “Route 66”.

As four amazing musical talents, their show is one not to be missed! Whether accompanied by a big band, symphony orchestra or self-contained; their youth,vitality, and talent adds a modern twist of elegance to a time-honored sound. The Four Freshmen are Great Gentlemen of Song and True Masters of Harmony.

“Universally hailed as pioneers of the jazz-infused close harmony sound, the Four Freshmen
have few rivals in the vocal group harmony field.”

“Unisons, harmonies, open voicings, movable inner parts—all so beautiful and so, so
modern. The Four Freshmen of today are as good as the band during the Ken Albers
days. ... the Four Freshmen are still making great music.”

Tim Hauser The Manhattan Transfer

“...singing a super-tight, ultra-hip four-part harmony over a foundation of straight-ahead
jazz...borderline magical downright electric, inducing chills.”
Palm Beach Daily News

"I have loved the Freshmen harmony since the first time I heard them. They are my favorite
band to watch perform live."
Brian Wilson

“The Four Freshmen have endured for the simple reason that they are tops in their class.”

Charles Osgood

“Long live The Four Freshmen. May they never graduate!”
Wall Street Journal

“With a trunk-full of tried and true melodies, a friendly stage presence and a soaring harmony
that was so tight a sheet of paper couldn't slide between it.”
Lebanon Daily News

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