September 5, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Rowan Tucker-Meyer Trio

High school jazz musicians perform on the Blue LLama stage.

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Rowan Tucker-Meyer, jazz pianist, is currently a junior at Pioneer High School and Community High School. He is part of the Community High School jazz program, through which he has played many gigs around the Ann Arbor area. Last spring Rowan performed with his CHS ensemble at the 2019 Western Michigan Invitational Jazz Festival, where he was named an Outstanding Soloist. Additionally, he has performed at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival with the Oliver Mayman Trio, and at the Michigan Jazz Festival with the Matthew Dobbins Trio. Rowan is also a member of the Michigan Youth Jazz Ensemble, as well as the group Soul Eyes, which just released its eponymous debut album. He is excited to be performing at the Blue LLama with the newly-formed Rowan Tucker-Meyer Trio!

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