TH MAY 27th, 7-10PM

John Beshay Quartet

Ann Arbor native based in NYC leads a straight ahead jazz quartet

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"I play music because I like to listen to music, and when I'm on the
bandstand I can play the things I like to hear."

Jonathan Beshay-jazz saxophonist, bandleader, and composer-says that
there's no other agenda when his group takes the bandstand. Fortunately
for audiences, Beshay likes to hear good music. After many years of
performing and listening, the result is an adaptable, energetic,
fearlessly hard-swinging sound that pulls from a vast body of musical
sources. Beshay has no trouble moving from the street-band wailing of
traditional jazz to the intricate post-bop melodies of a Joe Henderson
tune. It's all fair game, “. . . as long as it sounds good!”

In addition to his own musical projects, Beshay has also served as
musical director for both Winard Harper and his brother Philip Harper
through tours at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Jazz
Showcase in Chicago, and the Omani Royal Opera House. He also spent time
in New Orleans with Delfayo Marsalis, and has performed with many other
masters including Anthony Wonsey, Frank Lacy and Rodney Whitaker.

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