Sat. November 23, 7 & 9:30 p.m.

James Blood Ulmer Odyssey Trio

Drawing on his Ornette Coleman legacy and deep delta blues, James Blood Ulmer’s Odyssey Trio conjures harmolodic ecstasy and reflects on modern anguish in dazzling guitar mastery.

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James Blood Ulmer Odyssey stands as James Blood Ulmer’s signature masterpiece, the purest and most accessible showcase for his bold, genre-clashing guitar vision. With minimal trio accompaniment Ulmer’s guitar is always the meat of the ensemble, especially since his unique tuning allows him to cover bass parts as well as guitar leads. James Blood Ulmer´s Odyssey presents the myriad musical directions that its iconoclastic leader has pursued over the past half-century. A wide spectrum of free jazz, country-blues, psychedelic rock, slippery soul and sanctified funk, sometimes leading into sounds which even heavy metal fans would appreciate. James Blood Ulmer created a kind of universal language from the various dialects of music, a technical innovator and a sui generis genius he is.
"Not only Ulmer’s finest album, but a certified classic of the modern jazz avant-garde.” - AllMusic
"Ulmer is a leading interpreter of the blues - transcendent and edgy." – Washington Post
"Ulmer still sings as if 20 miles of bad road lie ahead." – Miami New Times
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