Thurs. October 17, 5 - 11 p.m.

Edgefest 2019

Myra Melford Trio
William Hooker
Piotr Michalowski Quartet

We will be seating for these events on a first come first serve basis. More info available at Kerrytown Concert House.

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Doors at 5 PM. Our American Shared Plates menu will be available throughout the evening.

6:00 PM | Filiano/Ilgenfritz/Michalowski/Schoenbeck

Featuring: Ken Filiano - Bass; James Ilgenfritz - Bass; Piotr Michalowski - Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, and Sopranino Saxophone; Sara Schoenbeck - Bassoon

This novel quartet brings together four experienced improvisers with West Coast associations who have played with each other in various contexts, but never before in this specific configuration. The timbral profile of the quartet favors low sounds but the unusual combination of reed instruments offers an unlimited palate of sounds, including multiple sonorities made possible by extended techniques.

7:00 PM | William Hooker – Remembrance

Featuring: Mara Rosenbloom - Piano; Adam Lane - Bass; William Hooker - Drums

Drummer, poet, and composer William Hooker has been “recognized as an iconoclast, and one of the most innovative musicians and drummers of his generation, William knows no genre bounds and ceaselessly searches for new forms of music, always with the intent to inspire.” In this set he presents new compositions in the company of two long-time associates.

8:00 PM | Myra Melford/Vinny Golia/Kyle Bruckmann and Myra with UM Creative Arts Orchestra

Featuring: Myra Melford - Piano; Vinny Golia - Winds; Kyle Bruckmann - Oboe

Pianist, composer, and educator Myra Melford has pursued a creative vision that involves the seamless interaction of composition and improvisation. In her work, divergent idioms and eras coalesce—from jazz, blues and global folk styles to various corners of the classical tradition and the avant-garde. Extramusical influences—for instance, the poetry of Rumi or the spirituality of Indian meditation, yoga and the Huichol Indians of Mexico—have also figured into the mix. Tonight, she first performs with the famed multi-instumentalist Vinny Golia and the accomplished oboist Kyle Bruckman, followed by a set in which she presents her new compositions for larger ensemble, in tandem with the UM Creative Arts Orchestra.

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