Tuesday August 31, 7-9:30pm

Balkan Coup!

Balkan music featuring Irish Bouzouki, Cello, Clarinet, Accordion, Irish Flute and percussion, presenting folk melodies and danceable rhythms of South Eastern Europe.

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It’s a musical take over! It’s a BALKAN COUP!
Deep, emotional, creative and boundary defying, come gather round to dance and cry to the folk melodies and oddly danceable rhythms of South Eastern Europe. We promise to touch each heart and ear.



Mr. Allen has studied, played and danced to the music of Southeastern Europe for over 20 years. His primary instrument is the Irish Bouzouki which he uses for a multitude of styles of music. He also writes & produces over forty original pieces under the name douglaslaneallen. Having formed and led numerous bands over the years he feels very fortunate to be able to collaborate with the current Balkan Coup!


Abby Alwin is a cellist, multi-instrumentalist and music-educator, whose musicianship casts a large, deep net within western European classical traditions, music of the Balkans, and free improvisation. She has performed, recorded, and collaborated with a multitude of local and regional creative artists. As an educator, her unique musical frame of reference illuminates her approach, and she is recognized at the local, state and national levels for her teaching.


Eric Schweizer is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, and composer versed in music from the Balkan, jazz, and contemporary classical traditions. He is known for performing with many Ann Arbor based groups including OrnamatiK, Rhyta Musik, and Klezmephonic, as well as frequent collaborations with new music and free improvisers in Detroit. Nationally, he has worked with such luminaries as Ara Topouzian, Yuri Yunakov, Sal Mamudoski, and Riste Tevdoski. As an educator, he shares his multi-disciplinary approach with his students, helping to create musicians with a global perspective.

Also Performing: John Driscoll on Percussion and Irish Flutes & Alex Sobolev on Accordion and Percussion

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