June 27, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Aris Chalin Trio

Classical pianist, Aris Chalin is a local to Ann Arbor and has traveled across the State playing live ensembles.

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Aris was born in Boston Massachusetts in May of 2001. As a young kid, he lived in Roslindale MA, Chester in the United Kingdom, and Ann Arbor MI. His love for music started early on in life, from listening to radio and television broadcasts.

He started taking classical piano lessons at age seven. He studied and with Robert Meyer and Yevgenya Lavrovskaya before taking a break from classical piano to pursue academics and other musical endeavors.

When he was accepted to Community High School in Ann Arbor, he joined the Community High Jazz Band, and discovered a new path with the piano. After joining the program, he began lessons with area piano professional Bryan DeBlasio. Since joining Community High Jazz he has performed on many occasions in and around town, as well as traveling to Western Michigan, Detroit and more for different live performances.

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